Command of God

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Sariel (Saraqael) ("Command of God"): Working along side of Raguel, this seraph is given the role of deciding the fate of angels which stray from God's path. Sariel is also the Angel of Death. Sariel ia alao healer like Raphael, a Seraphim and the Prince of Presence. She is also credited as being an angel of knowledge, and one of the leaders in Heaven's armies, her name being written upon the shields of one of the fighting forces. Though not recorded in fact, it was stated by some that Sariel was in fact one of the fallen rebel angels.

Her wings are purple-black as seen in said icon, and she almost always keeps them out. She's got a bad sense of balance otherwise. As for the golden chain? It's got a symbolic meaning to her, but she isn't likely to point it out.

"I would have thought that Puck and Sariel would be using their superhuman powers for extreme sexual endurance, and going through packs of post-coital cigarettes." ~ Rance



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